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Estate Planning

Avoid the probate court, protect & grow what you have. Give what you have to whom you want, how you want, during your life and after death. A good, basic plan typically includes:

  • Living Trust

  • Will

  • Power of Attorney for Finance

  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • Guardianship Provisions for Children

You have unlimited access to an attorney throughout the planning process and we work closely with your tax and wealth advisors to ensure synergy.

Business Formation

Treat your business like a business by separating it from your personal life. Forming an LLC, S-Corp, or Professional Corp can shield you from risk, protect your personal info, and unlock favorable tax treatment.

  • Business Formation Documents

  • EIN and Business Bank Account

  • Operating Agreements / Bylaws / Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Coordination with Your Accountant and Financial Planner

Your business should be contemplated in your estate planning. We will work with your current planner, or offer you a discount on combined services with our firm.

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