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Are You Flying Blind?

Flying blind is like navigating without a map; rolling the dice; shooting from the hip; crossing our fingers...most of us know this isn't smart or strategic. 


Why do we do it anyway, especially with so much at stake?

Some people haven't gotten around to making a plan and get comfortable putting it off.  They intend to get help 'sometime in the future' (when prices are higher, and fingers crossed that life doesn't  happen before they get to it). 

Some people think estate planning is only for multi-millionaires.  But planning ahead is NOT reserved for the rich, and if you understand the concept of a child's college fund, you understand what a trust fund is. 

Some people like to Do it Yourself.  Fine, but please be aware that buying documents from the internet is not the same as getting expert advice.

Free Consult

We'll discuss your situation, what you're looking to do, and figure out whether or not we can help. 

What's Next

Follow Up

We send you a summary of key points and next steps.

No Obligation

If either of us decides it's not the right fit, at least you'll have started the process!

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