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Are you vulnerable or protected?

Free Discovery Call

You have unique needs and goals - we discuss these to ensure they can be achieved before working together.

Ultra Convenient

Many of our clients are busy parents and professionals juggling multiple schedules. We get that, and make it easy to work with us.

Fast Turnaround

Many of our Long Beach and South Bay estate planning clients have their estate plans in-hand and executed within 14 days of engaging our firm.

We Offer

Still Haven't Got Around to it?

We help people solve a problem that we wish would have been solved in our own lives.

Many people wait until "life happens" and are passively forced into California's plan about their health, financial, and family decisions.

This results in PREVENTABLE drama and expense...know anyone who's been through CA probate, who's family is fighting over stuff?  That was likely caused by a person who didn't have their stuff together.


How to prevent this drama and expense?  You have to make a plan of your own and take it seriously.


We pride ourselves on making it easy for busy people to get around to put an estate plan in place.


If we're not the right fit, we genuinely hope that you will get your estate planning done elsewhere ASAP. Not next year, not after tax season, TOMORROW... Your future self, your kids, your family will thank you.

-Camden, Principal Attorney of Generations Law Corporation

If you don't create a plan of your own, chances are your family will end up in probate court which is California's plan for you.



"Camden and his team worked with us to create a plan that serves our long-term goals."

—  J & D  —
Retired Parents in a Blended Family

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